The Gulf Crisis now.

The ongoing Gulf crisis depicts the attitude of countries towards each other. What all was buried has come outside, or maybe the worse is yet to come. Who knows?! How they all turn themselves in just as the moment sparked. It is of high importance to resolve diplomatic issues through rational communication. Instead, the picture stands out for calling out the trade and travel or anything that remains between these countries. Their work for a dialogue and compromising is not even an idea of implementation yet. Also, the role of media, as always, to worsen things up. Media has created a panic among the Qatar locals about the food stocks and other such things which stand for the basics of everyday. There might be a shortage but not anytime soon. Now all that being heard, why is the hard evidence not being shown to the public, the same public who is to face whatever the outcome arises from such immature actions. This exemplifies our under-developed state of responding to such important and sensitive issues.

However, it is so great of Kuwait to take the initiative to talk and resolve the situation. It also gives me a tickle when I see the “Sunni-Coalition” countries break among themselves. Our ill-political ideology turns in now. They should, however, keep in mind that they represent a strong image on how politics is handled in Islam. Realize that Islam exists, so hugely, today because of a wisely-handled political theory held about 1400 years ago. That theory succeeded in making Islam more populous apart from the Message of Faith. “Acts of Justice” is what Shari’a has always spoken about.

We, as a world-citizen, should take concern on issues that hurt the interests of development, not on just the current issue spoken here but also the other, even-worse, situations being held worldwide, so that the media provide us the actual transparency on issues rather than what they wish us to see and comprehend.


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