My fear of losing someone.

I keep breathing. I keep walking. I keep wading. And I am waiting. Waiting for what I believe will be an end to my agony. Oh yeah, I fear it! For I believe I have lost enough. Will those people make everything right? Or will they accompany my devils to put me down? I don’t bear a thought like the latter. How do you know if something is actually fine and good? We’ll only realize it once the worse touches our knees. Creation of the people who’d complete me, is what has happened already or I am longing for it. Losing such people is what I fear. But what am I supposed to do, save myself or run for them? Remember that one of the choices you make will kill the other. Am I a mistake or an experiment? I am suffocating inside these emotions and thoughts. People who were away from you have bothered to care for you, the ones who cared (or you thought so) have astonished you with their absence. These walls that keep coming are the ones who are to stay with you.
For once, I’ll save myself. But I don’t have them now. So now, I’ll run for them. I believe I’ll find them then. The horizon won’t witness just me but will it have a bunch of hearts and souls to meet. It was never the faces that mattered because you are only due to realize they were masks. It has always been about what they are, who they stand for. Remember me! “Pleasant” and “Good” will only be respected if you know the darker shallows of your life.
And now I’ll run for them, galloping through the lands of my grief, knowing about the choices I never made.


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