They turned me into a Colorblind.

“Honey, look through the binoculars! Do you see an elephant?”. This was said to us by our playwrights, I mean the ones who always held themselves in the place from where they could puppet us. They say it is for our own good. I do not doubt it, at all! I believe them outright. It is just that the scene in the beginning (that of the elephant) was only appropriate until we actually believed that dragons existed and they wander through the lonely night skies, where we were tucked in and snugged perfectly. But you see, we do not stand on that shore anymore, instead, we have come a long way into the ocean of life inspired by the  world. Yes, that means we have grown up! Now, there is no point in being a loiterer. It scrambles my mind when ponder over what they actually see through. I mean, what is it that they see and we are not able to do that? Is it something we should be doing? Well, maybe! But, turn it over for once, think again. If they intend to do that we will surely start seeing through their magical binoculars, witness the beauty that is sure to make the standards of our aesthetics kindle about. Psst! Wait! Did I forget to mention something which is apparently more important than their vision for us? Yes, I did! It is the fact that we,as well, have our own eyes. Did you not notice that? Does that fact even mean anything? Well, maybe it does. It elaborates that we have eyes and they can be used for their respective function,that is, to see. Oh, Come on! You knew that! But I do not mean just the seeing of objects. I meant the other way, of seeing what goes to our deepest spaces of heart. Exhausted of seeing through their eyes and their vision, here I am. ‘Blindfolded’ would be my word, certainly. While I chose the word ‘Colorblind’, it means that we are not totally blind but,instead, we are practically able to see stuff (the actual life-stuff) not in the way they actually appear. Ever since our first cry, we are fit in a place from where our minds see what is being shown (which is what our playwrights have been seeing). Why would they not let us see? It is only a matter of utmost-fundamental job we could be doing. They are afraid of how things and situations would reverberate in our mind. such things might create new ideas and perspectives and make us different from what they want out of us. This probably means one thing, they are afraid to face something that is new. Go on, and tell them this, they are sure to knock you out! Widened and fresher perspective is what we need in here and letting go of your subliminal thoughts for us is as important as anything else. At least, let us venture out in the ocean – we may die or we may just survive it. Then we would not die of the feeling that we did not live enough which is sure to eat our heart out at some point of time. Let us see the world the way it is, the colors of it, the tastes of the surroundings. We might just find another reason to exist, who knows!
          Being safe and sound is a luxury we cannot afford at this time, risks can be confronted anyhow. Just let us see and admire what it is about! Because sooner or later these eyes will shatter the chains and liberty will roll over it, until which it will be late for you to stop us. So, do not guide us to your perspectives but rather usher us to where we will find a peaceful end to our suffer. Make us to find those elephants you told me about,for that let me explore the wild.

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