The Grandeur of Life.

Of long now, witnessing a majority of humans to be the same among themselves is an exuberant common phenomenon. Forged by what we see outside, in other people, and sometimes perplexed to see our inner-deeps, we live through. It is, however, perspicuous to any person to fancy observing all this-How we shape ourselves by following them in what they did. Prosy, we are, to our truth. Why is it that we sit next to ourselves but not with it? We are so persuaded that, a thought, touching the least-high ground of our ghost-quiet heart, fills us with the fear of self-doubt. Ha! What a life have we earned. We are all passengers of time and the travelers of life. We have been and can be only expected to drift with the currents of the convention. How is it that we call it ‘Development’? Have we earned it as a ‘Benchmark’? Let us comprehend that development can have no benchmark, if it did there would be a super-strong halt to it. There is always, the utmost fundamental of all, sides to things-Being right or to be Wrong. Rendezvous with the meaning of life and the tastes of it can be only met if your will to feel your inner-self and to flow with your life is spirited, not to flow with the world. Dust resides our soul and spirit. Oblivion shelters us. Roads are not known to us. Incarcerated, we are. We misconstrue freedom yet chase it with all the sweat and the madness. A couple of Billion soldiers of life, disobey their soul’s command and all that I see is ‘Mimicry’. “The Grandeur of Life’ but am I proud to be a Human this way?


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